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Mead, also known as honey wine is the oldest fermented drink in the world.
The earliest known meads were found in ancient Chinese pottery, being
a mixture of honey, rice and fruit. It is more commonly known as the drink of the Vikings.

We at Honey Wines Australia are beekeepers as well as mead makers. Our hard working bees visited around one million flowers to produce each bottle and flew 44,000km.

Our meadery is based in the Hunter Region of NSW with shipping to your door anywhere in Australia. As well as selling online direct to the public we are also wholesalers.

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Quality Honey

There wouldn’t be many meaderies out there that can say they produce all the honey they use in their mead themselves. In fact we’ve recently purchased another 50 hives to ramp up our honey production even more. It tastes better than heat treated store bought honey.

Whilst it’s not to say buying smaller scale beekeeper’s honey is unhygeinic, what I am trying to say is, when I’ve harvested the honey myself I know exactly what has gone into it, which for me is assuring.

I have been teaching beginner beekeeping classes for a few years now and I love to talk about it, if it’s something you’re interested in check out the Latest News category for blog posts on beekeeping as well as mead.

Supreme Value Mead

Honey Wines Australia are one of the very few commercial meaderies in Australia selling mead in 750ml bottles instead of 375 or 500ml.

Next time you’re about to buy, scale up the price to what it would be if it were a standard 750ml wine bottle size and see if you still think it’s a good price.


Why Honey Wines? Why Not Mead?

But wine is made with grapes, mead is made with honey!

Well, two reasons, firstly, according to the Emperor of mead the terms are interchangeable*.

* Schramm, Ken (2003). The Compleat Meadmaker: Home Production of Honey Wine From Your First Batch to Award-winning Fruit and Herb Variations.

Excellent book by the way, but I digress.

The second reason is……    Marketing, we’ve found  not enough people know what mead is but they are smart enough to connect honey and wines.

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